Change of Major - AACC

Use this form to update your program/major. You may also use MyAACC Self Services to make this update. 


Please read carefully.
 Before changing majors, please use MyAACC’s Self Services Evaluate Program Progress to first run your new major through the “What if I change my program of study?” option. Your advisor can help you understand how changing your major will impact your graduation timeline and math pathway.
 Each student is permitted two active majors. Please meet with an advisor if you need assistance in making this decision. Non-degree seeking students or students in an Explore program may not declare a second major. English as a Second Language (CRT.ESL.ESL), letters of recognition, and Continuing Education (CE.CON.ED) do not count toward the maximum of two allowed majors/programs.
 Changing from non-degree to degree or certificate-seeking, or from certificate-seeking to degree-seeking, may require additional assessment. If you have not already been assessed for English, reading, and math, you should meet with an advisor before submitting your request.
 If you are receiving financial aid, Veterans benefits, or scholarships, you must notify the Financial Aid Office of your program change.